At home

This is my favourite photo of my mum, who died 5 years ago today.head and shoulders

We lost my mum and my mother-in-law within 9 weeks of each other and, as I say in an article I wrote at the time, worry was their love language.

My mum worried if there was something wrong with us; and if there wasn’t, she worried that there would be. She worried if we were home and she worried if we weren’t home – when Alan and I were going out together, she would have fallen asleep before I got in, then wakened up and burst into my room at some unearthly hour of the morning to check that I was in.


She’s home now – and waiting for us all to get there.

One thought on “At home

  1. Don’t you just wish Pauline that you could spend just 1 more day with them. My Mum died 8 years ago and there is so much has happened in my life in that time that I would love to share with her.

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