Is physiotherapy similar to counselling?

My physio was brilliant at diagnosis – he just had the gift of finding the spot – and boy! did it hurt! A biblical counsellor needs a similar gift – to be able to find the root of the problem when someone comes for

Initially, my physio did some work on the affected area – in the same way, the biblical counsellor needs to be able to apply the Word of God to the problem.

But then the physio sent me away with exercises to do, always gently insisting that most of the work would be done by me, between sessions – and it’s just the same with biblical counselling. If you work between sessions, you will see improvement – and vice versa: the counsellor can’t wave a magic wand, just like the physio can’t.

Now I’ve been discharged, the physio said something like this: ‘You’ve worked hard and you’ve seen a great improvement. Now keep at the exercises (albeit in a somewhat reduced way) to maintain it. And don’t forget I’m here, if ever you need to come back for a few more sessions.’

I learned a lot from my physio – and it wasn’t just how to deal with back pain.



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