Scott and Kiki’s wedding

Claire-Lise was married on Saturday 5 September. Scott referred in his wedding speech to having been ‘mystified’ by the girl who wore foot socks on her arms.  Kiki (or Claire-Lise) has always expressed herself in an individual, independent way – another word which Scott used was ‘quirky’. So their wedding was set to be different.

The location was Switzerland, actually in the town where Kiki was born. Instead of a church, Scott and Kiki chose to be married outdoors –  in the Place des Marronniers in Nyon, with the Lac Leman as a backdrop.

k&s at roman columns

Scott wore a very smart navy suit, accessorised by a gold tie and beautiful waistcoat, and his groomsmen picked up the gold theme in their bow ties.

wedding k&s groomsmen and scott


Once the guests had gathered, the bridesmaids strolled in one by one, down the long ‘aisle’ made by the guests’ chairs, each wearing their own version of the colour blue, and each carrying sunflowers and gypsophila. Claire-Lise came last, escorted by her proud father and carrying the same flowers with just a splash of red carnations.




The ceremony was simple, with family and friends participating; yet it was profound as we worshipped God in such magnificent surroundings. A good friend of Scott and Kiki’s – Andy Fearon – presided over the vows and preached the sermon.

As Andy pronounced the happy couple man and wife and they set off down the aisle, the guests blowed bubbles in joyful celebration – for this was Switzerland after all and one could not litter the place with confetti.


After a few family photographs, the guests were free to wander through the streets of Nyon. Most meandered down to the lakeside where they were able to get a delicious ice cream or a frozen yoghurt with berries as they relaxed in the sunshine. Even the bride and groom enjoyed an ice cream, the colours of which blended perfectly with the flowers.

Kiki and Scott ice cream Hotel Real

Then they were whisked off by a family friend, Ted Talbot, in a boat on Lac Leman which took them from Nyon to Founex, where they were welcomed ashore by some of the guests.


The reception was in the garden of another family friend, Pam Walsh, who hosted the event with her usual mix of sparkle and exuberance. IMG_0314wedding fondue chinoiseFondue Chinoise was the menu of choice and once it got going, all fears about the strange menu melted away and everyone seemed to enjoy the food, as well as the accompanying wine from a local vigneron.

The wedding cake was probably the most quirky part of the reception. Modelled on the well-known ‘carac’ which had been a favourite childhood treat of Claire-Lise, the pȃtissier had been asked to make 3 gigantic caracs and instead of icing them with the usual green icing, to ice them with blue and gold, tying in with the wedding colours. He had excelled himself, producing 4 tiers, alternatively blue and gold, interspersed with sunflowers. Never before (or since!) was there a wedding cake quite like it!


The evening drew to a close with a few dances and then the young couple left for a honeymoon which would start in a chalet (of a another family friend) in the Swiss Alps and then proceed to Italy and one or two other European countries.

Wedding K&S at night

We began with a reference to Scott’s speech and we will end with another. He said that he and Kiki had dreamt of such a wedding but never thought they would see their dream come true. How wonderful it was for us all to be a part of that dream come true.



You may have picked up on the number of ‘family friends’ who have been mentioned already. Some family friends hosted bridesmaids and groomsmen; others helped set up for the wedding reception; one provided the cake; another provided the fruit platters; others provided transport; and when everything was over and the bride and groom had left, all the guests pitched in and cleared the tables and chairs away, ready for them to be picked up by the Commune of Founex. Many, many thanks to all of the people who contributed – in so many ways – to make the day the fulfilment of Scott and Kiki’s dream.


2 thoughts on “Scott and Kiki’s wedding

  1. She really is an original, that girl! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, and may God grant them a wonderful start to a long and happy life together.

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