Gemma has blogged on the incredible Fashion Show we were privileged to attend this week – to raise awareness of Human Trafficking. And it did. The compere asked the audience more than once what they were going to do with the key they received in their goodie bags – the key represents the fact that every 30 seconds, someone becomes a victim of Human Trafficking (the time it takes to turn a key in a lock) but also the key represents the opportunity we have to unlock freedom for these victims. How will we do that – by the fashion choices we make? by the chocolate choices we make? by watching out for signs of Human Trafficking in our everyday lives?


Hello from the last day of a GREAT week of #nomoretraffik awareness & action! Can’t believe it’s almost over. The STOP THE TRAFFIK NI community groups have been leaflet dropping, dressing models (more on that later), giving chocolate to their local council members, hosting information sessions all across Northern Ireland! I tweeted from @NoMoreTraffik yesterday, essentially just gushing over what the groups have done this week and this year. Check it out here.

No More Traffik has been delighted to support these things and to host some events – today will be a fun day involving an online EP launch, a football tournament and chocolate parties! Find out more here.

Anywayyyy, Thursday night I got to attend a Fashion Show at the Titanic Drawing Rooms (OH MY WORD AMAZING VENUE I WANT TO LIVE THERE) hosted by UNIFY NI, a collective of amazing designers in Northern Ireland. The show…

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