Israel trip 2014: Day 1

Our first day began with a stroll down the promenade of Tel Aviv, from where we could see the city of Jaffa (ancient Joppa).


We decided to take the train to Jerusalem, which was the cause of some mirth to local people – for them, the train is too slow and some of them even wondered if we would reach Jerusalem by nightfall. But it was a great way to see the countryside – as well as meet some local people.



Once settled in our hotel, we spent the rest of the day getting a feel for Jerusalem, beginning with a panoramic view of the city from the top of the YMCA building.



5 thoughts on “Israel trip 2014: Day 1

  1. Hi! If I may ask your advice — I’ve always wanted to do a pilgrimage to Israel. I’m generally a DIY traveler, but most of the people I know who have been there signed up for package tours. What would you recommend?

    • Both times we have gone we have hired a guide for our own party and we would thoroughly recommend that. The country is steeped in so much history that I think a guide is indispensable if you want to get the most out of your trip. Hope this is helpful.

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