Mundane mothering moments

There are significant moments in motherhood:

the moment you hold the little bundle of new life in your arms and wonder what you’re going to do with it

the moment you wave goodbye at the school gates and wonder how she’ll survivegemma and kiki 2

the moment you see her graduating from school or college

the moment she finds her dream job

the moment she walks down the aisle with her brand new husband

But these are just the significant snapshots. It’s all the little moments in between which make up motherhood – the everyday moments of everyday life, the humdrum, the normal doing of life together, the getting them from babyhood to childhood through the teenage years to adulthood – the mundane moments of life. As Paul Tripp says, “If God doesn’t rule your mundane, then He doesn’t rule you. Because that’s where you live.” That’s where most of life takes place – in the mundane moments.

I remember, when my girls were still-not-yet teens, I was very worried about the teenage years. I asked a friend who was a mother of teens how on earth I would manage. She wisely said, in her slow American drawl, ‘Well, Pauline (pronounced ‘Paul-een’), you will just grow with your girls and by the time they are teenagers, you will find that you are able to manage’.

And she was right. I have grown along with them. It’s been a great adventure to see those two little girls grow into young women, develop their own personalities, acquire new skills and develop talents and gifts which make them the unique individuals they are today. They are no longer children, no longer dependent, no longer living at home. Now they are independent young women who are making a difference in their world. And on the way, their relationship with me has grown. When we get together we share our lives, we laugh (and sometimes cry), we compare notes and ideas (and funny stories), we shop until we drop (or until the money runs out), we discuss world events and church events (and plan weddings), we eat Asian food and drink smoothies (and sometimes go to McDonald’s just for old time’s sake).

And in all of that mix, I have grown along with them. God graciously gave me the gift of motherhood and blessed me with these two daughters. Together – in the mundane moments and in the significant moments – we have learned from each other. I am the person I am today because of them. They have grown me into who I am, because of the unique mix of our relationships together.

Gemma and Kiki, thanks for making me a Mum! I love you both.


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