Counselling course at BBC

Anyone who reads my blog or who knows me will be aware of my interest in counselling. I have benefitted enormously from courses I have taken with Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, whose aim is to ‘restore Christ to counselling and counselling to the church’.
Not everyone can go to Philadelphia to study on the CCEF campus, but most of their courses are available online and you will find information about them on their website. I have had the privilege of taking many of their courses and would thoroughly recommend them.
For all of you who live in N.Ireland, you have the opportunity of taking a course in real life in real time with real people – at Belfast Bible College.
Andrew Collins and Stephen McAuley, two psychiatrists and Christian counsellors, are taking this 6-week course as an Introduction to Biblical Counselling.  We all struggle with knowing how best to support and encourage those around us when hard times come. This course will take some of the common struggles of life and see how we can help one another by wisely applying Scripture. Each evening, Andrew and Stephen will take a particular area of suffering and first try to understand its nature, then how the Bible addresses it. In the second part of the evening, they will walk through an example in order to see how such help might look and sound practically. Topics covered will include depression, stress, grief, addiction and suicide. This course will serve as a ‘taster’ for those interested in giving Bible–based care and encouragement to others.
From 5 November – 10 December, it would be a  great way to spend your Tuesday nights if you were able to come along!
For more details, go to the college’s website or come along to the Open Evening on Tuesday 3 September to hear about all of the courses on offer on Tuesday evenings as well as other part-time courses at Belfast Bible College.

2 thoughts on “Counselling course at BBC

  1. Pauline I am so disappointed. I would dearly loved to have attended that course,but we have booked a holiday from 23rd November 25th December, so I would miss 2 of the nights. Please keep me informed if there should be another. Thanks from Joye.

  2. That’s really disappointing, Joye! Judging by the interest shown already in this course, we may well need to run it again so I will certainly keep you updated. Pauline x

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