Nauseating. Frightening. Explicit. Made me sick. Violent. Painful. Horrifying. Made me sad. Humiliating. Overwhelming. Made me think.

All these things were true of my experience of Diablo, a play written by Patricia Downey and performed by Spanner in the works theatre company.

It’s a play about Human Trafficking in N.Ireland. It includes ‘the bad guy’ who runs the brothel, does drugs, trafficks young girls and has no regard for any other human being. It involves the woman who was his girlfriend, became a hooker and has ended up trapped in the sordid business with him; the girl who is HIV positive and whose sole contribution to the enterprise is to clean the house – until the Boss has one of her organs removed to make some extra money; the homosexual guy who does drugs, tries to escape and ends up being sent off to Cairo; and the beautiful young girl who comes from Ukraine thinking she is going to work in a hotel – she rocks back and forth saying ‘They raped me, one after the other; they raped me, one after the other….’

Does that sound a strange subject for a church building in Belfast on a summer’s evening? It was.

But the reality is that all of that is happening in Belfast. In N.Ireland. Now.

And it should make us sick. It should make us sad. It should make us think.

If you want to think some more about it, here’s an opportunity:

Date: 16th May 2013NMT logo

Time: 7pm – 9:45pm

Venue: The Mac, Belfast


WhatNow, in partnership with No More Traffik will be hosting and facilitating a Think Tank for people passionate about human trafficking and its abolition in this nation.

Think Tank: a gathering for people to discuss, connect and dream with input from specialised leaders and an opportunity for you to contribute to the conversation.

Spaces for the Think Tank are limited. If you want to attend, send Stu an email atstu@askwhatnow.org



2 thoughts on “Diablo

  1. Yes, although it is horrifying, we do need to know, Eva. The play may run again – if so, I will let you know. Pauline

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