Dementia by Max Wallack

It gallops in silently on powerful hoofs
Snatching sweet, precious, forgotten memories
Turning true-blue loyal friends into treacherous strangers
Clogging synapses with emptiness
Crumbling trust into excruciating paranoia

With bleak darkness comes the anxious wakefulness of broad daylight
And bitter terror encompasses every living fiber
“If I sleep, where will I be when I wake up?”
The compulsion to run, the paralysis of fear

Mature, child-like dependence
Retracing youthful development, but in rapid reverse
Cureless medicines, meaningless conversations

Leading up to the inevitable


4 thoughts on “Dementia by Max Wallack

  1. This is so good. Been there,done that. We are going down this road just now for the 3rd time,and it doesn’t get any easier. Don’t fight against it,instead just go along with it. That seems to be the best way for everyone involved. Dreadful disease. Would someone please please come up myth a cure quickly before I have to watch my generation go down in the same way I have watched my parents.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Joye. I find it astonishing that this author of this poem was about 10 years old when he wrote it. It is really insightful.

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