PS What is PST@NH?

It’s the Pastoral Support Team at New Horizon – a team of people of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and all ages – who know they need prayer and know others need it too.

We wait in the Prayer Tent after the morning Bible Readings and after the Evening Celebrations – just sit and wait in case anyone wants prayer. And we have been thrilled at what God has been doing so far this week.

A young student heading off to university for the first time ended up praying with another young student heading off to…..guess where? exactly the same university to do exactly the same course.

An older couple prayed with a woman who came in for prayer – and discovered they knew one another from 40 years ago: a connection that helped build a relationship where some tearful sharing went on and healing was made possible.

Others appreciate the anonymity of the Prayer Tent – they can come and pray with someone who doesn’t know them, who doesn’t know their family or their church. Above all, whatever is shared is shared in complete confidence.

A young person came for prayer a couple of times, ended up spending a while with one of our counsellors, and has been put on the path to recovery from a problem in her life.

These are just a few of the stories. Lots of others have come to the Prayer Tent to pray through what God has been saying to them.

It’s a safe place. It’s a sacred space. A young girl spent time in there today on her own, on her knees, just reading her Bible, sketching, praying, being quiet with God in a safe place.

If you’re at New Horizon and you haven’t popped into the Prayer Tent yet, why not come over and visit us?

Or put another way, why wouldn’t you?


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