3 Wonderful Women

Today my mother-in-law would have been 80 years old. Betty passed away on 5 April this year, and we miss her. One of the things I think of when I think of Betty is her wacky sense of humour.

Christmas has a way of reminding us of our losses. My own mother – also called Betty – died on 31 January this year. We miss her too – especially her laugh which would just fill a room.

And the other seat which will be empty this Christmas belongs to my sister-in-law, Isobel, who passed away on 5 July 2010. We loved having Paul and Isobel and their family stay with us when they lived in France and we lived in Switzerland. We would get all the kids to bed and then relax together in the evenings and Isobel would say, ‘All our wee blessings are in bed’.

I miss each of these 3 wonderful women. My life is the poorer because they’ve gone from it. But my life is the richer because I knew them – each of them made an impact on my life as well as on the lives of countless others.

They were 3 women who loved life, loved their families and loved their God.


3 thoughts on “3 Wonderful Women

  1. A lovely Tribute to three beautiful women.
    We remember you all this Christmas with love.
    The blessed hope is the grand reunion we will have some day.
    God bless. xx

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