Taughlumny – what’s in a name?

I’ve had to change my name. Well, I could hardly continue to be called Coastal Reflections when I’m now living in the heart of the countryside, far from the coast. So Tales from Taughlumny it is. Taughlumny is the name of our road – our postal address is Donaghcloney, but we live nearer Moira and the townland is called Ballyleney.

Confused? So am I. For a girl with no sense of direction – and a car with no Sat Nav – it’s a challenge. But I’m managing to find my way around alright (although I do confess to having got lost a few times).

Confusing names, confused identities. We attach so much importance to our names and we gain so much significance from our identities. You know how good it makes you feel when someone remembers your name (and the reverse is also true). Or how important it is that they get your job title right. We like people to know who we are and what we do. And we like to know who other people are and what they do, too. It helps us to fit them into a box.

Well, here I am in Taughlumny with not only a changed postal address (and yes, the postman does manage to find us here) but also a changed identity. Who am I? I was a Pastor’s wife – at least that’s how I was normally introduced to people. Not as Pauline Wilson, but as the Pastor’s wife. In fact, we were sometimes introduced as Pastor and Pauline.

Now my husband is no longer officially a Pastor – he’s become a full-time student. So what does that make me? A student’s wife? No, I get to be Pauline! I have made a whole group of new friends in the neighbourhood who only know me as Pauline – now that’s refreshing.

But who am I? With these friends, we are exploring the meaning of grace – and we are encouraged to take off our mums’ hats and our wives’ hats and our chauffeurs’ hats and all the other hats we wear every day – and just for a while enjoy being who we are in the Presence of the King – his children, his daughters. It is an opportunity to remember who we are and who He is – to relax in the knowledge that our real identity is found in Him and by His grace we can enjoy all that He has for us.

I’m enjoying finding out more about who I am and I’m enjoying getting to know these new friends – as well as the local lanes and countryside. It’s all part of life in Taughlumny.

Until the next time….


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