A year on…

We have been back in N.Ireland a year now and, as with all passing of time, in some ways it seems it can’t be a year yet and in other ways it seems like we have been here for ages. The former because sometimes we still feel like the new kids on the block, the latter because in many ways we feel ‘at home’ here now.

I sat in church yesterday and looked around and thought how blessed we are to be here. I am thankful to have the first year behind us, for it was a year of transition and that I don’t find easy. I am thankful that we each have found a niche here where we can feel at home and at ease. I am thankful for the many new friends we have made – they have made us feel so welcome. I am thankful for the many old friends we have managed to see again – they are people we have a history with. I am thankful for the ‘old’ friends from Switzerland who have remained in touch with us – and for those who have come to visit us – they have helped us still feel connected.

And I am thankful for my garden – and for the fact that there I have my own roses – what a joy!

Roses in my garden

Roses in my garden

And sitting in our garden is our cat – how amazing for this family who were flat-dwellers in Switzerland for 17 years to find themselves in a suburban house with a garden which has its own roses and a cat!

KFC our cat
KFC our cat


And so for friends, roses and cats I am thankful – for they have all helped me in the emotional roller coaster called transition.

2 thoughts on “A year on…

  1. Hi Pauline and Alan,
    Congratulations on your first anniversary of returning to Norn Iron. We miss you in Switzerland but are so glad you have settled there. Good to see you blogging again too.
    Love, R & S

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