Dynamics of Biblical Change

I am almost at the end of my first course with CCEF which was called ‘Dynamics of Biblical Change’ and was taught by David Powlison. I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am very grateful to have the opportunity to benefit from the teaching of the tutors at CCEF. If you would like to know more about David Powlison, there is an excellent article about him at http://theologica.blogspot.com/2005/03/david-powlison.html His teaching is dense, it is hard work to sift through it all because every word is significant – but it is well worth the effort. I have benefited enormously from this course and it has been something I have been able to put into practice in my life right away, as well as something I will continue to implement for the rest of my life. As he concludes the course, David Powlison says the following:

The dynamic of biblical change is God claiming who you are.

You can start to become familiar with that dynamic by starting with some dinky thing (like the traffic jam I mentioned in an earlier post) and your dinky reactions to it (like grumbling and complaining). Finding the way of escape in the little stuff has a ripple effect in your understanding of the big stuff.

I find this very exciting and very challenging at the same time.


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