Happy Birthday, Gemma!

Gemma turned 20 yesterday – the same weekend as we celebrated Westlake’s 20th birthday!

As I say in my post entitled ‘Happy Birthday, Westlake!’, our lives were entwined for 17 years with the lives of Westlake – and this is a vivid reminder of that fact. Gemma was just 2 when we left N.Ireland to go to Switzerland so most of her childhood was spent there. She grew up in the international environment of Westlake, where she had many friends from many different countries; she was educated mainly in the Swiss system where she had many Swiss friends; and today she is continuing her education in Queen’s University in Belfast, where she is reading French, Psychology and Ethno-musicology. Her chosen subjects reflect her diverse interests and alongside them, she continues to develop her interest in music, particularly in the area of leading worship in our new church. Gemma is a fun-loving, bubbly girl who loves life and loves people. But she also loves God and it is a joy for us to see her using her gifts and talents to serve Him in music but also in reaching out to her friends and showing them the compassion and the love of Christ.

Happy Birthday, Gemma! May you continue to love life, love people and love God!


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