The bubble is burst, the honeymoon is over

We have had such an easy time since arriving back here – we have been warmly welcomed, the transition has been straightforward for the most part and we have enjoyed a period of smooth sailing…..

……..until Monday of this week when the bubble burst. First it was an unexpected tax bill from Switzerland; then it was a blouse which had been washed for the first time and got ruined in the wash; then it was one of our brand new wardrobes which had suddenly developed a crack in its door; and throughout the unfolding drama of the day, we were trying to fill in forms to apply for university loans/grants for Gemma – using the Swiss tax system of the calendar year which doesn’t at all match the UK tax system which runs from April – April.

All has been sorted out except the tax bill and that will be sorted out. But isn’t it interesting that it is always these kinds of things which get us down and make us fret and worry? The honeymoon has to end, the bubble has to burst, and in a sense it’s good to be on the other side of that. But it is a salutary reminder that I tend to worry about things which the Lord has already under control – before we got that tax bill He had provided the money to pay for it, in an unexpected and unsolicited way. And I tend to depend on the actual gifts (eg the money) rather than the Giver. Why do I find it so comforting to think there is some money stored away for a rainy day and fret when I actually have to use it to pay a bill? Did the One who provided it in the first place not promise to meet all of my needs? Does He not know when the next unexpected bill will come from – and is He not already planning how He will provide for it?

Why do I have to learn the same lessons again and again? And why is God so gracious and patient with me?


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